Wireless Communication Stealth-Flex Fence System
High Security
AES-128 Encrpytion
Simple to Install
Multiple Applications
Airports, Water Treatment Plants, Mini-Storage, Prisons, Car Lots, Homes. Back Yards, Cattle Yards.
System Overview

The very nature of a perimeter protection system means it must be installed outdoors.  Unfortunately, it must also be connected to an alarm control panel that is installed inside, in a secure location.  Often the protected area is completely separate from the alarm system location.

The StealthFlex Wireless System provides a secure wireless means of connecting the outdoor perimeter protection system to the indoor alarm control panel.  The system employs three basic components:  a master transceiver alarm interface board, a remote sensor board, and a StealthFlex analyzer board (installed with each sensor board).  Each master transceiver interface can employ up to six remote sensors.

Specification Sheet
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Wireless Master Board
The master board connects to the alarm panel via two electro-mechanical relay outputs and seven low current transistor outputs. The master transceiver board should be installed near the control panel, but in an area that is clear of metal obstructions, such as metal beams or metal walls.  If an external magnetic mount antenna is used, the master board may be installed inside a metal enclosure. The master board draws less than 100mA (65mA, typical when idle), so it may be powered by the control panel’s auxiliary 12V output.  If the panel’s supply does not have sufficient reserve power, a separate 12V battery-backed linear supply may be used.

Wireless Sensor Board
Each wireless sensor board will be paired with one StealthFlex analyzer board.  Both boards will be mounted inside a plastic water-proof (NEMA) enclosure.  The analyzer board should be mounted in the bottom position to allow its cabling to be routed through conduit in the bottom.  This reduces the chance of water running in along the wiring.  The sensor board should be mounted in the top position so the antenna lead can be routed away from the analyzer’s high-gain audio circuitry.  A self-sealing dome antenna will be mounted in a hole on the top of the enclosure.  The dome antenna includes a peel-off adhesive ring to help form a water-tight seal.

HC-SFWMASTER Wireless master board in 7 x 8 x 3˝ inch metal can. (Note : Can handle up to 6 sensors)

HC-SF0500WS Kit for 500 feet. Includes 500 feet of sensitive cable, single zone analyzer in 7 x 8 x 3˝ inch metal can, wireless sensor board, end of line termination kit.

Same as HC-SF-500WS, analyzer mounted in NEMA-4 standard outdoor box.

Kit for 1000 feet. Includes 1000 feet of sensitive cable, single zone analyzer in 7 x 8 x 3˝ inch metal can, wireless sensor board, end of line termination kit.

Same as HC-SF-1000WS, analyzer mounted in NEMA-4 standard outdoor box.

Plus required accessories from traditional StealthFlex perimeter protection system.
The Wireless Stealth-Flex Systems
Extended range - over TBD in line-of-sight situations (with proper antenna).
FCC certified on 16 channels using IEEE standard 802.15.4.
AES 128-bit encryption for wireless security.
Spread spectrum technology surmounts noisy environments.
Built-in Channel Analyzer function allows installer to select channel with the least amount of traffic.
Rotary switch allows selection of 16 different channels.  Simply set sensors and master transceiver to the same channel before installing.
Employs mesh network technology - closer sensors can relay messages from otherwise out-of-range sensors.
Easy installation and system configuration. No computer required!
Simple pushbutton “learn” mode.
Optional solar panel power source for remote sensors for true “wireless” setup!
Lower Power Consumption.
Sensors detect and report low battery and tampering of StealthFlex cable or analyzer board.
Master transceiver detects missing sensors if they are damaged or compromised.
Master transceiver provides two “Form C” relays (ALARM and TAMPER outputs), six open collector remote sensor outputs, and one open collector output for Low Battery.
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