HC Products Internet Line Fault Monitor ILF-100
Monitors the Broadband Connection

The ILF-100 is an Internet Line Fault Monitor. Line fault monitors have been around for many years for telephone lines in security systems. They were designed to detect cut telephone lines and trigger a back-up communicator, typically cellular or radio. The ILF-100 is the Internet equivalent of a telephone line fault monitor. It detects an interruption in the broadband Internet connection for customers using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for their alarm reports. If the Internet connection is lost, the ILF-100 will trigger a relay output that can be used to switch over any burglar/fire alarm transmissions to a back-up communicator. In addition, the ILF-100 will send an Email notice when the connection is restored.

Monitors a Local User Input

The ILF-100 can also monitor a user input for any HIGH or LOW state changes and send Email notices when this state changes. This can be used to monitor an alarm system violation output, a freezer alarm or a basement water alarm. It can eve be used in conjunction with a telephone line fault monitor to send Email notices if the premises telephone line is cut. These Email notices can be sent to a wireless phone as SMS text Emails.

Monitors IP Addresses

The ILF-100 monitors the WAN IP address assigned to the broadband connection by the Internet Service Provider. If this address changes, the ILF-100 can be configured to send an Email notice. This is a great feature for anyone who monitors remote Internet devices, such as security cameras which might sometimes have new IP addresses assigned by the ISP.

Monitors up to 5 Web Servers

The ILF-100 polls 5 different web servers to check that its broadband connection is intact. This polling can also be used to verify that an important website has not gone down. Up to 5 web servers assigned by the user can monitored in this way and a failure to respond can be signaled by an Email notification. In addition, a separate open collector output is provided for each server, useful for triggering a local buzzer or remote LED indicator. Each server is polled every 5 minutes.
Specification Sheet
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Monitors the Internet connection of an alarm system which uses VoIP in place of a conventional phone line
Works with cable or DSL connections
Signals interruption of connection by a Form C relay to back-up transmitter or other device
Sends Email notification when connection is restored
Local user input monitor sends an Email to a programmable address when activated
IP Address Monitor sends an Email to a programmable address if a monitored IP address is changed
Monitors up to 5 web servers and notifies user if they go down
Input voltage: 12V DC
Current: 150mA max
Broadband Connection Monitor Relay: 5A@28V DC or 120VA
Local User Input: 5 - 24V DC
Server Fail Outputs (5): Open collector. Total current must not exceed 400mA
Ethernet connection: Connect to open port on a router or Ethernet switch using the cable provided
Dimensions: 4x3x1 inches
Weight: 0.3 lbs.
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