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About HC Security Products
We are proud to offer  the StealthFlex  Fence Protection System and many of the Stealth Labs power supplies!
HiTech Circuits, Inc.
HiTech Circuits began producing printed circuit boards in 1987. The company has been providing circuit boards to a wide spectrum of industries; the security industry, commercial applications, healthcare products, general electronics and military applications.

M & M Technology, Inc.
M & M Technology has been in the electronic assembly business since 1996 and has a reputation for high quality and excellent engineering resources. Combining this expertise in assembly with circuit board technology has enabled the new venture to design and produce CCTV power supplies that are both high quality and cost effective.

Stealth Laboratories, LLC.
In 2010, HiTech purchased the rights to Stealth Laboratories' assets and intellectual property, giving HiTech a robust line of  CCTV and security products and technologies.

Looking to the future...
Our many years of experience have allowed our company to design and develop security products and concepts to help protect customer's profit and the safety of their employees. In addition, our engineering department is continiously designing, modifying and developing new or existing products to customer's specification.
In March of 2010 HiTech Circuits and M & M Technology merged into one company manufacturing products under the name of HC Products. The fine products offered by HC are a result of many years of experience manufacturing printed circuit boards, and extensive expertise producing electronic assemblies. This consolidation of technologies enables HC to produce only the highest quality CCTV products.
HC Security Products
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